When expect Aryzon SDK unity 2017 update


Are you guys planning to update the aryzon SDK for unity 2017?

i having some problems for not showing up my 3d content. but also the GUI for single mode does not work for me.
(using vuforia and android)


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Hi Koffertje, you can expect an updated version early next week. There have been quite some changes under the hood and to the UI. Single mode not working is probably because the UI button is not linked up anymore. Try connecting it to the method ToggleSingleMode() on the ARCameraShifter.cs script. 3D content not showing up is probably something Vuforia related. Have you set it up in a clean project?

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good to hear :slight_smile:

yes i did 2 clean projects, one in 5.6 and the other in 2017 (5.6 worked fine).
it is not a must to have it running right now on 2017.
so ill wait for the update then .

thanks for the reply

It should work with 2017 as well though. You can also try running the release candidate of Unity 2017.2.0f1 which has Vuforia support build in.


in fact i was working with that today . i did get most of it running . the only thing was that the 3d models where of from the marker.

so i pointed at the marker. and then had to turn my phone down around 20 degrees to see some of the 3d models
had any experience with that?

This might be the yShift on the ARCameraShifter script. In fact it shifts the view on purpose because your eyes are higher than the camera of the phone. Manually setting this yShift to 0 might help to see the model if you’re just looking at the screen. You can also toggle Single Mode in the settings menu when you’re in AR mode. (Access it by pressing the little Aryzon logo).

ok, i figured out that when i rotate the marker 180 degrees it is working.
but. when i rotate the marker back 180 degrees, it rotates the 3d objects on the pivot from where my phone is, instead of using the pivot from the marker. it is weird…


figured out i had to disable ‘head tracking’ on the 'AR Gyro Camera script’
now it works as i want it

Aa that’s it, the ARGyroCamera script is just a bit confusing.

BTW the SDK has been updated


thanks alot. It works like a charm!