When can we expect a native SDK for iOS?

I would like to be able to use ARKit and Scenekit to develop apps for Aryzon in Xcode

Our main focus right now is Unity, though we do want to do this we cannot give a timeframe for now. It all depends on how fast the Unity development goes.

I there any news about the native SDK? I would like to use the Aryzon headset for my master thesis but I’ve already started developing in Xcode using ARKit and SceneKit and do not have the time to switch to Unity anymore…

We haven’t started on native support yet, but if it’s for a master thesis can I assume it will need to work on one specific device and you can set it up yourself?
Have a look at this project, it will get you a long way: https://github.com/hanleyweng/iOS-ARKit-Headset-View

Just don’t render the camera feed and you should already have a somewhat holographic experience. Then you should need to set the FOV and other camera settings correctly. I can help you with that.

Right, it just needs to work on my iPhone 7.
Ok, I’m going to try this and will contact you if I need help. Thank you!

Hi Maarten,
what should my camera settings be for the iPhone XS Max, when I use this repo: https://github.com/hanleyweng/iOS-ARKit-Headset-View.