What phones are supported?

Will this work with iPhone 6/6S/7 and Pixel?

It will work with those phones and a lot more. Basically it comes down to the functionality you want to achieve. Practically all phones from 3 years old can do marker recognition with an acceptable frame rate and thereby are suitable for this type of AR. Some things to consider:

  • From experience, 4 year old high end Samsung models are about as fast as the new Huawei P10.
  • The faster the hardware, the less latency you experience. This latency is the amount of time between movement of the marker image and movement of the virtual object.
  • The larger the screen, the larger the FOV.
  • Some phones have no gyro to save costs, they can still do marker based AR, which covers most use cases.

All the footage in our Kickstarter video was shot on an iPhone 6S.

iPhone 6S and above can run ARKit which makes them similar to Google Tango devices. Lucky me :slight_smile:

Based on the forum members’ and developers’ experience, what are some of the more affordable Android phones that work well with, and fit nicely into, into the Aryzon viewer?

Many of the Aryzon users (I imagine) are looking at Aryzon because it offers a potentially amazing AR solution at a really low cost. So for such users for whom cost is a limitation, myself included, what are some of the cheapest systems that can still work well with Aryzon?

I had the idea of AR/VR environments, that is, a virtual world matched to and overlaid over the boundaries of the real one, seen through a headset - something like 7-8 years ago when I first got a 2nd gen iPod touch with its simple tilt mechanics, and thought the idea would be amazing if it were someday feasible, but this combined with ARKit and Unity, may well be the first system which makes such a setup realistically possible for me to create. It’s one of the ideas that was a pipe dream for me for years and now actually looks feasible to do.

I also have had a ton of other technical-exhibit ideas of varying quirky and specialized forms over the years, none of which have ever really panned out due to lack of resources.

A couple of them would’ve involved highly detailed miniatures, like little cameras streaming video from the front of RC cars they’re mounted to, to a set of tablet controllers that could also trigger the RC vehicles’ controls remotely… the cars would be running through a highly detailed and realistic miniature racing course, enclosed, so it’s like a racing game only visually far more tactile looking, kind of a museum exhibit sort of idea. There was one project I attempted to fund years ago - Miniature Multiverse - which Kickstarter gave an editor’s pick but still failed horrendously. That would’ve been a puzzler set in a web of 360-degree viewpoints (sort of like a higher res Myst III Exile) but all the views again captured inside elaborate miniature worlds, for which I had designs/concepts, the idea was to mount a high resolution camera with telephoto lens above the worlds, one node position at a time, capturing optically zoomed views of polished chrome ball bearings placed one at a time in position below the camera, so they’d reflect everything around them, 360 degrees, those elements of course would then be run through a polar coordinates filter and wrapped into a network of interconnected equirectangular panoramas with links between them, integration animations, sky replacement, etc. I had a technical proof of concept and it would’ve worked if I could’ve actually fully built the worlds - I might still attempt it (someday) if my situation improves. :confused:

That’s just a couple of examples though. I always have all sorts of loopy and impractical notions.

Anyway, are there any good phones you’d recommend that are cheap but would work well with this?

Hi Matthew I must have mist the notification of your posts. I’ll try to answer you now and keep a better eye on the forum. There is no definite list of devices that are supported. It all depends on how much the software demands. For our app we use Vuforia as a tracking engine. If Vuforia runs on it you can at least do simple model previewing. This is what Vuforia has on their site:

Vuforia supports the vast majority of smartphones and tablets running on Android 4.0.3 and later, as well as iOS 8.0 and later

If the phone is not supported by Vuforia well then you can still do camera rotation in Unity if the phone has a gyroscope. I’d say 90% of phones sold nowadays do.

It then depends on how graphic and cpu intense the software is. There is a large difference in phones and what they can handle. This is not Aryzon specific though. Of course you should always test your app on a range of devices and try to optimise performance.

Sizewise: as long as you can still call it a phone and not a ‘phablet’ it fits :slight_smile: The Aryzon can house phones that are up to 160 mm wide.

I can only say a refurbished iPhone 6/ Samsung S6 can handle a more than a new Huawei for the same money. If you want to be able to run ARKit you’ll need to go for iPhone 6S or higher.

I was just wondering when you think the SDK will be supported for Unreal Engine!? I can develop on both engines but would prefer Unreal! Thanks so much again!

We are focussing on Unity for now but hope to support Unreal Engine in the near future :slight_smile:

I don’t know if this is the correct topic for this. Please move if it’s not.

I’ve tried the headset with my Iphone 6s and it seems to work perfectly. However, when I use it with my Lenovo P2 the two pictures don’t seem to blend very well it seems. This results in double center dots and unclear images. Is there anything I can do about this?

We are aware of an issue with the newest version in the Play Store. A temporary fix is to press the logo in AR mode, go to advanced settings and set the Near/Far setting to about 1.0 cm. This should project the image closer to your eyes. An update will come soon.

Tnx! The menu does pop-up but I’m unable to alter any of the settings. The buttons do not seem to work. But I’ll gladly wait for the update, as I can use my Iphone just fine.

Hi all!
I just received my Aryzon :slight_smile: , but can´t get it to work with mySony Xperia Z5 :frowning:
I assume it should have all sensors, but it does not seem to recognise the white tracker.
Can anybody tell me if the Z5 is supported?

I have send you a pm

On an S8 the images don’t properly fuse. What can I tweak in the SDK to get things aligned?

If you only need it to work on the S8 you can change the IPD setting to make the images merge together properly. This can be done in the advanced settings in the app itself, or change the standard setting in the ARCameraShifter script.

We are at CES in Vegas right now and have planned an update of the SDK week after we get back, which is in two weeks.