We are looking for app testers!

Hey guys!

Behind the scenes we have been working on a new app which has gotten real fancy! We are now looking for testers who are willing to test some new AR coolness. The app allows you to browse through Sketchfab and Google Poly models and view them in AR, with or without the headset. if you have your own 3D model files you can import those as well, and as a bonus you can film your AR sessions from within the app and easily share it with your friends.

Testing starts now and we want to keep some pressure behind it so we will stop the testing session and ask for your feedback in a week or so. Note: you don’t need the headset to test the app, you will need an iPhone capable of running ARKit (iPhone 6s or above).

If you want to be a tester please send me an email at maarten@aryzon.com with your iOS App Store email account and I’ll add you to the list. I’ll provide you with some more information afterwards.

BTW the test session is iOS only. Don’t worry, the app will be available for Android as well when we launch :slight_smile:

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