Using Arozon headset outdoor


I have recently completed my prototype and started testing it , this is a kind of outdoor AR app.
Device : 0neplus 5. While outdoor sunlight, 3d objects are not visible at all. I have tested this on full brightness, but still the objects are not clear. and i get glare reflections. this is on arozon 3.0 headset.

Any suggestion or feedback on this?

Hi Saravanan,

Outdoor applications are more difficult since lighting is usually much brighter than indoors. There are some things you can try to make it better. Try bright white text / objects on the screen of the phone and see if this is visible. This demonstrates the maximum reflection you can get. Giving the visualisations bright colours might help. Another option is to see if you can find non reflective window tint film and put this on the outside of the visor.

Hope this helps!