The camera moves endlessly to the side

Hello everyone!
There was a problem when I turn on the play, the camera moves endlessly to the side.
I found a topic on the Internet for stopping device tracking, but I can’t get the script to work, because I don’t know where to apply it.

Can I stop tracking without a script? What to google?

I am using Unity 2019.4.17f1 (64-bit), Vuforia 9.6.4, Windows 10.


if (TrackerManager.Instance != null)
            //Positional DeviceTracker
            if (TrackerManager.Instance.GetTracker<PositionalDeviceTracker>() != null)

            //Rotational DeviceTracker
            if (TrackerManager.Instance.GetTracker<RotationalDeviceTracker>() != null)

             //Object Tracker
            if (TrackerManager.Instance.GetTracker<ObjectTracker>() != null)

Quite by accident I found Tracked Pose Driver during play and when setting Tracking Type Rotation Only the camera works as it should, but when I stop play everything is reset.
How do I configure Rotation Only to always work?

Hi Yury,

I have a couple of questions before I can give a meaningful answer.

  1. Is your question related to play mode in the Unity Editor?
  2. Is there a specific reason why you cannot use ARFoundation and you require the use of Vuforia? I ask this because I have had many issues with Vuforia in the past and I find ARFoundation easier to work with + it’s free.
  3. What kind of tracking do you want? Room-scale / rotation only?
  1. Yes.
  2. ArFoundation is compatible with an extremely small number of devices, I decided to use Vuforia.
  3. The main thing is that the camera itself on the device does not move and it is possible to interact with a mouse or a controller.

Sorry, I confused ArFoundation with Ar Core.
I plan to develop on Android starting with version 5.
After surfing the internet for more information, I would like to ask, is it possible to integrate MediaPipe with your SDK?

So if I understand correctly the device remains stationary. This means no positional / rotational tracking is required. In that case you can remove the AryzonPose component from the Aryzon object. This should keep the view stationary.

It is possible to integrate MediaPipe, I have tested this with hand tracking a while ago. It took too much phone resources when I tested it so I left it. You will need to setup a link between mediapipe code and Unity. I speculate hand tracking will be added to ARCore / ARKit and I’m waiting for that.

Thanks for the answer!
As for the smartphone resources, I did an experiment and I was able to run the application in Windows using the android emulator “nox player” and use the “steam link” to transfer the image and control to the smartphone.
So my old smartphone had little to no difficulty and after some tweaking on Steam, the image was good.
One of these days I will try to build a PC application without using “vuforia” and try to run the application directly without an emulator.

In general, I could not resist and created it right now, it started, it works, I don’t know what problems there will be, but if we take into account that my laptop with a poor cooling system, then the load and temperature indicators are superb, I will continue to work in this direction.

Ha that’s a great idea!

I also saw this:

This can be interesting as well. It offloads the hand tracking processing to a desktop. Only hand tracking though: