Suggestion for new calibration mechanism

To adjust the offset of the real world to the projected world, one currently has to move a small image of a camera on top of a small image of the phone.

I propose a new callibration method that works as follows:

  1. Draw a 3D-circle where the marker should be. If there is an offset, the drawn circle does not match the marker.
  2. Rotate to marker to adjust offset in x-direction
  3. Do something to move to the next step
  4. Rotate the marker to adjust offset in y-direction
  5. Do something to move to the next step
  6. Rotate the marker to adjust offset in z-direction

What do you think?

Best regards,


Hi Axel,

I think it is great that your thinking with us :slight_smile: I would like to encourage others as well, feedback is welcome!
The rotation mechanism is something that came by as an option instead of the dragging of the camera. However we did not think it would have been necessary to do manual calibration if we have enough data of camera locations in our database. For now this seems to be untrue and something like this could really help. Other things that pledge for a manual calibration are slight margins in the production process, or if a phone is slightly higher in the viewer because of a case. If everything is correct the experience feels a lot more natural so we are putting more effort into this.