Streaming AR Experience with Headset

Does anyone have experience streaming an AR experience with the Aryzon headset?
The user should see the stereoscopic view, but at the same time the camera view and the virtual elements should be streamed to an external monitor via Airplay, so that others can see the experience from the user’s point of view.

I have developed a native iOS app using ARKit, so I would need a solution without Unity.

Perhaps you can use this: GitHub - AFathi/ARVideoKit: Capture & record ARKit videos 📹, photos 🌄, Live Photos 🎇, and GIFs 🎆.

Or an easier way may be to add the ARKit camera view in a corner of the screen where the users is not bothered too much by it when wearing the headset. You can then use the iOS build in Airplay functionality to stream the entire screen of the device to an Airplay device where you can crop to the corner view.