Skating around the Image tracking

What are peoples experiences with stable tracking like ?
I have tried the Elephant Model etc on My HTC 1 and Samsung Galaxy S6 and both leave the model surfing around ( only slightly but enough to break the illusion ).

I have also put together a basic cube via Vuforia . This reacts even worse when viewed through headset. I am tweaking params in the ARCameraShift script to try and centralise positions etc but when it comes to actually sticking to Aryzon Image Disc it is all over the place.

Enabling/disabling head tracking makes no difference.

Just interested in other peoples experiences. I will get it tighter eventually but wondered how everyone else was working out ?

From personal experience the S6 performs quite well but there will always be a little bit of lag. And if all settings are correct it gives a much better feel of the object actually being tight to the cardboard marker. We hope to implement our own prediction algorithm or work together with Vuforia on achieving this to at least have it positioned correctly during constant movement.

I would advise to change the settings inside the phone since an update to the SDK can break your custom ARCameraShifter script. Have you tried changing the settings by pressing the logo in AR mode and going into advanced settings?