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Have ideas for development in the broadest sense of the word idea? I would like to use this topic to get the discussion going and see if we can get something cool started with the community. Some things we have on our mind: WebVR integration, new ways of interaction with AR that only use the camera, face recognition, your own avatar in AR, etc…

3D AR has great potential and the possibilities are endless!

Hi Maarten, I already showed Aryon to marketing agencies that we use to work with and they fell in love. They asked me: will be possible to print brand name over the outer surface? I am asking this because we have industries which could purchase dozens of visors but they want to put their logos on. So my suggestion is to have a white labeled model. You can still put Aryzon logo inside the visor.

To make it an efficient process you would want to do the printing on the cardboard before the cardboard is cut. Putting the logo inside the visor means double sided printing which would make the process more expensive. We will be offering this as a service when doing larger batch sizes. If you have something specific in mind please let me know so we can see what we can do :slight_smile:

@Maarten: thanks for your reply. I’ll let you know what my clients require and than we’ll see if make it real or not.

How about ARKit integration (@Maarten_AryzonTeam I know you’ve been looking at this?)

but to add things like

GestureControl: ?

We could literally be immersed in this environment

And get closer to that Hololens UX?

Yes this works really well and we’ll be updating the SDK and doing a tutorial on this to make it easy to integrate with the Aryzon. Unity’s sample scenes make it easy to start working on ARKit: make sure you have iPhone 6s or above running iOS 11.

I haven’t seen this Clay VR before but the integration their gesture recognition looks very promising! I contacted them to see what’s possible.

Yeah I saw that video too, looks cool. Have to say though that AR headsets can’t project black so the virtual objects will be transparent.

Thanks for the link :slight_smile:

It’ll be a couple of weeks until their SDK is available but I’m very excited to see how it can be integrated.

Oh of course! I meant immersion on that scale. Just a little over excited maybe, haha

Interesting to see gesture control being discussed. I have a difficult time figuring out how to control AR experiences when the phone is put inside the Aryzon headset unless gesture control or some kind of external controlling unit is being used…

It will be interesting to see future applications using AR and gesture control :slight_smile:

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Hi Maarten

I take it you guys have already started looking into ARCore?

Hello -guys, tell me what about leapmotion I see they are going mobile and their SDK integrates very well to Unity, the question is: will the phone handle both ?

Just got my Aryzon package. Works great. I would like to add my own content to the app without programming. So a webinterface for uploading a 3d model (.obj, sketchup or whatever) and the ability to align it.

We know it’s similar to ARKit and therefore awesome, but for the moment it is too limited to just a few devices and sadly we don’t have a phone to test it on.

Having seen Leap Motion in action I think it will run nicely side by side. You can also remove the need for a tracking engine and just do all the object manipulation with your hands. Just make sure the transformation towards the camera’s in the ARCamera prefab is correct. (You can’t just randomly place the Leap Motion device anywhere.)

We are working on this ability in a new app. With the app it will be really easy to view your own models. If you can’t wait, I assure you that you will be able to create your own app to show your model without having to do any programming. Unity does a lot of the hard work for you. It’s almost as simple as: download and install Unity, download and import the Aryzon sdk, open the Vuforia sample scene -> drag in your model, build and run to your phone. If you want to give it a a go and run into issues I will help you out.

It would be interesting to see 3d modelling in VR, with the finalised 3d model files available for download for further editing or 3d printing

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idem. There was an update of the app… but it isnt in yet

And not just 3d models for printing. but 3d models of molecular structureres, protein protein interactions, electrondensity graphs and other thinks that are hard to interpret intuitively from flat paper

We are working on the functionality to view 3D models in AR but will release it in a different app. 3D modelling is not something we have been working on. What kind of modelling do you have in mind?

More as a " printpreview" option in AR , load an STL or OBJ file. not the modelling it self.

That’s exactly what we’re working on :slight_smile:

ETA :innocent: ; when can we expect this app?

How cool would it be to have this working for the Aryzon Headset?!
Despite it will be even more scary in 3D AR, I think it’s fun!

Anyone who wants to accept that challenge? ^^

Hi guys.
It’s not an development idea, more sort of documentation idea. Let me introduce the problem briefly.
I’m JAVA/jQuery/C# developer who spent few coins on some headset, not really caring which, just wanna try and learn new tech / approach to computers. My sort of personal concept about what I’d like to develop first is sort of simple text editor, ultimately ending with gesture-controled IDE Android/Visual studio like, replacing many montors with AR (I know it’s not gonna happen [at least it’s not gonne be mine product], but hey, idea and excercise…).
I’m sort of lost about whats going on here. Your page says cheapest ar kit available. Ok, if you say so. But what’s the SDK about? FAQ isn’t very helpful. Why would I use this kit, does it offer some advantages to me as a developer, or is it just for 3D models creation?

TL;DR: Your website doesn’t offer anything { concrete, new, revolutionary, timesaving }. What’s the product, except for strange looking headset?

EDIT: Is it some sort of plugin enablin’ “hybrid” vr/ar app development in Unity?
EDIT2: Nah, ARCore and Unity can be used for iOS…