Set up is not working

When I go through the set up process on my G/7 I get to the pulsating circles, but then nothing happens. So, I go nowhere.

But, I do see the games, but there is no interaction.

Is this fixable?. I have sent the question to Aryzon, but they just tell me to wait for the next update.

I assume you mean the pulsating circles from the “Introduction to AR” section in the Aryzon app. I tried this on 2 devices, a Sony Xperia M5 and a Samsung Galaxy S7 and both are ‘stuck’ on the “point here” pulsating circles. I guess there might not be anything else to that introduction? Not sure.

In the case of the interaction in the games. I also tested this on both phones. The M5 doesn’t have interaction, just as in your case. The S7 does have interaction. The only thing I can think of is that both the M5 and your Huawei G7 don’t have a gyro meter, which an S7 has. So that might be the case.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks a million…I have the Samson G7 with a gyrometer. What game did you interact with so I can try it?


I tried the maze game. And if you wan’t to check if the gyrometer still works, you can download the CPU-Z app, this shows a lot of info on your device, including which type of sensors it has and what they are detecting.