Native development requirements

I’d like to use Aryzon along with my existing app, which is based on React Native with some native iOS and Android code for AR view. I already have an AR view in the app on iOS platform implemented using ARKit. Now I’d like to reuse it and make it work on Aryzon headset. I understand I won’t be able to use Aryzon SDK as it’s just for Unity, but I don’t understand what exactly I’ll be missing. Let’s say I’ll use for stereoscopic rendering - are there any corrections I need to make to make the app working flawlessly on Aryzon headset?

And similar question to Android native development - is it sufficient to just render stereoscopic view using Google VR API like I’d do for the VR cardboard?

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Short answer: yes, you can use such a method, but it will need some tweaking. You’ll need to do the following:

  • Lens distortion correction (Barrel distortion)
  • Camera transformation (the tracking engine knows the location of the camera, not the screen)
  • FOV calculation (You’ll need to know the physical size of the phone to do this)
  • Make sure the background is black

A good place to start is to check out the ARCameraShifter.cs script. If you’re only targeting iOS devices it will be easier since there are only about 4 physically different iPhone models.

It would be great to have a native interface as well so I would be glad to help out.