Multiplayer server


hello i like to create an AR app for medical activity .
this run in web server because its for multiplayer.
i have a probleme: if two users log in my app just one camera render run and this two user see one view.
so how can i set multiplayer by aryzon

sorry for my english


Hi, could you give me some more information on your setup? Is your system running from a web server or from a local app that accesses a webserver? Does it work when only one person logs in?


hello maarten
my app run from ubuntu server. and i like that user load scene from server when log in my app . and the are more then one user per scene


OK I understand, and what do you use as a tracking engine? Is it marker images, WebXR, gyroscope or nothing at all?
You will need to render the view stereoscopically for it to work in the Aryzon headset. We have a Unity SDK however we might be able to make something work for you in a different way when I understand your system :slight_smile: