Moving object not working (Vuforia)

Hi there. Thanks for developing this SDK. I followed the tutorials and got in working no problem on my android phone using Vuforia as my tracking engine.

This is my problem: I want an object to appear on the Aryzon marker AND then start moving around. I´m using an animated prefab which effectively appears on the Aryzon marker, but once I enable its “move around” script it just never appears.

I know the script works correctly because putting the prefab outside the ImageTarget (not being parented) it does move. I suppose there is a conflict somewhere either with Vuforia or Aryzon when the moving object is a child to the ImageTarget. Has someone tried this before? Could there be a solution for this? Thanks

Hi! It might be that the issue lies with the animation not automatically starting when the marker is recognised. Maybe you need to enable the animation manually when the marker is found. Have you checked the DefaultTrackableEventHandler from Vuforia? It disables renderers and colliders when the target is not tracked. You can add your own code to start and stop the animation as well.