Introduce yourself


Hey everyone, Boy from DEVCake here. We are a start-up from Enschede, Netherlands just like Aryzon itself. We create gamified digital experiences. We use AR, VR and other of the latest technologies to achieve our goals.

Currently, we are working on Augmented walking tours and hikes for museums. We are looking into the possibilities that Aryzon can give us here.

Thanks and looking forward to seeing what you guys are up to. Cheers!


Thanks! Looking forward to receive the headset :slight_smile:


Hi there all!
Dennis Vroegop here. Co-founder of Interknowlogy Europe BV, a full-service VR/AR/MR company. We are specialists in VR and especially in things like HoloLens, but we are extremely excited to support Aryzon as well.

Being a developer myself, I can’t wait to build great new stuff which is actually affordable !


Welcome all! I am excited to say we are nearly ready to ship out the headsets and can’t wait to see what you will develop for the Aryzon. We have already seen some great initiatives like these guys who are connecting HoloLens to Aryzon ( it’s in Dutch).

SDK development has been on hold for the last couple of weeks to focus on the development of our own app. That will change soon and an update can be expected next week.



Hi, My name is Steven Jelle Meijer. I am Working as a labtechnician at Heath Hub Roden with a background in biotechnologie that has to expand in normal engineering

Mainy Interested in this products capabilities to become part of the FAB-lab equipment. basicly using the cad drawings for looking at your product in AR before it is 3Dprinted. (As is being developed!?!)

Possible sideprojects are exploring educational purpouses, gameified/simulation learning including instructional overlay / training equipment.


Hi everyone! Jelmer here :slight_smile: Just got my Aryzon and can’t wait to make some stuff for it with ARKit.
I’m better known from the Tesla Model 3 in AR video and the iOS app “AR Airplanes:slight_smile:


Welcome Jelmer! You must be the same guy that mentioned us in a comment on, thanks! Any chance you’re making something for the Aryzon? Those planes must look cool in ‘real 3d’ :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hi, I’m Marco. I’m a developer for a software company in Deventer (NL) where I’ve worked for about 10 years.
I found out about this great kickstarter “in my backyard” though a gaming blog I follow and immediately became a backer.
It was good to see it was succesfuly funded and even reached a stretch goal. Even better to actually receive the package in the mail. Keep it up you guys!

I’m looking forward to trying out the SDK


Hi! I’m Joshua Quek.
I’m currently an assistant multimedia director in Anomalyst Studio, a multimedia content creation company based in Singapore. When I first saw Aryzon on Kickstarter it peaked my interest as one of the things I would wish to realize is to enable animation in AR like my childhood cartoons. Aryzon proved that we’re not that far away now. I’m hoping to create new content and see what Aryzon could bring into multimedia shows and exhibits to create an everlasting experience with users.

Great day!


Hi All,

I’m David, CFO and co-founder of Intraspire Inc. Love developing web apps and looking forward to making an AR game!


Hello all,

My name is Remco and I am an intern at Capgemini. We are working here on an augmented reality application for a museum here and I have been playing around with the Aryzon for a little while now. I feel there is a lot possible with it, but it has some kinks, but hopefully together we can make the Aryzon an amazing product :smiley:


Welcome Remco!

We feel the same and are working on some improvements, we hope to reveal a redesign soon :slight_smile:


Hey hello my name is Robbin,
I am a student Biomedical Engineering of the Hanze University of Applied Sciences in Groningen, Netherlands.
I am working on a project to use augmented reality to visualize an ultrasound echoscopic image directly ontop of the probe. I hope I can use the Aryzon headseat in this project.


Just a quick heads-up for all of you here, we just released a new Model Viewer app in the App Store that works with ARKit and the Aryzon headset. It supports over 50 different file types, including FBX (with animations and rigs), STL, OBJ, DAE, 3DS etc…

It’s called AR 3D Model Viewer and you can find it here:



My name is Patrick Tak. I work @ EGM architecten in Dordrecht. I started developing for Oculus Rift back in 2014 then made the the step to Mobile with Google Cardboard. Back in 2016 we made our first steps in the world of AR with vuforia and are trying to up our game with Aryzon and eventually the Hololens.

I started as a VB.Net developer for Windows Forms applications, then started web developement in Coldfusion. Got back to ASP.NET (VB.NET) for intranet development and started in 2014 with Unity and C#.


Hi !
I’m developer at AR app development company - Invisible Toys. I’m looking forward to seeing how Aryzon could become a new tool


I am Joost. Owner and developer at SportsImproVR. We are based in The Netherlands and develop Virtual Reality sports training and I am eager to find out what we can do with AR through a headset (AR with a phone or tablet is not very practical for sports :grin:).


Hi Joost! Welcome!


Peter Lundberg, I am project manager for landscape and city development projects in Copenhagen. I think the AR tech is very interesting. Eventhough it seems like there is some way to go before it can be used in large scale projects. I am hoping to try Aryzon out soon.


Hi Peter, welcome to the forum! I can imagine you have some 3D models already, it shouldn’t be too hard to see them in the headset with our Model Viewer app for iOS. If you need help with anything I’m here to help!