Introduce yourself


My name is Connor Gibson I am a AR/VR developer from Sydney Australia. Im currently making educational apps for my business Aurora Reality and plan on adding support for aryzon once it is shipped. You can find more info at our facebook page:



I’m Diego from Spain. I’m a amateur 3d designer and engineer. I’m interested in introduce it in archeology: expositions, museums,…

Actually I work only with BLENDER 3D and I want to know if I will be able to use Aryzon from Blender.

Thank you and nice to meet you all!


Hey Aryzon enthousiasts!

My name is Nathan van Hulst, I am founder of JD Multi Interactive a company based in the Netherlands near Rotterdam with focus on Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality. Our focus is to do research, development and consultancy for virtual and augmented reality to bring these technologies to a variety of companies to boost there business.

I’ve been keeping an eye on Aryzon for a while and I really think this could be indeed something similar to AR like Google Cardboard for VR was. While the Microsoft Hololens is an expensive piece of hardware, I think this initiative can bring similar technology to a broader audience.

Anyways, now that I have access to the SDK I can’t wait to test it out and see if it really brings what I’m looking for. Let’s make some cool things. =)



I’m Karen and a Computer Science student. I’m probably here the one with the least experience in AR but I’m really interested.
Right now I’m playing with the idea to use the Aryzon for my bachelor thesis.


Hi all

My name’s Alan and I’m from London. I’m a Digital Realities Consultant at Sublime I’m looking forward to seeing how Aryzon could become a new tool in our box.


Hello everyone,

I’m Joey and living in the netherlands. I have no experience with AR development yet but i do some VR development on mobile in my free time.
Wanted to do something different to grow my skills in appdevelopment and i think the Aryzon can help me in that aspect.


Hey all,

I am Krishna Tandon and a developer in TCS, India.
I liked to move ahead in this and became interested in this project. Excellent concept.
Looking forward for this new journey. :smiley:


Hi, Henry, CEO of Digital Playground here. We are looking forward to exploring the Aryzon headset and apps for the creative use by kids in workshops. We would love to have them make their own AR creations and view them right away on their desktop. Hopefully this will become a reality. Only problem (maybe) is that we ourselves are not programmers, so we won’t be able to make these apps ourselves. Still, we’ve done the same with VR (thanks to Adriaan, who I also just encountered on this forum!) and made it a success.
We will monitor what’s going on here and at Aryzon. Can’t wait to get the headsets we ordered!

O, and we are based in Rotterdam, Netherlands!


Hi there,

Jan Willem, a freelance UX designer from Utrecht here. With over a decade of “UX-ing”, I dare to call myself an experienced “Experience Designer”. I love to make smart, useful and fun digital products & services. And I would love to help you guys and gals taking your awesome AR content ideas to the next level.

Let me know if you are ready for some creative brainstorming, reviewing your AR concepts or have questions how to deal with certain matters from a UX perspective. Contact me on hello [at], with a reply or a DM.

=== What’s the catch? ===
There is no catch, besides the fact that I’m a true believer in AR & MR (and therefore Aryzon) that wants to get experienced in strategy & design for AR as well. So let’s team up, form the “AR dreamteam” together with Aryzon and BE the AR movement. I’m willing to invest time to be part of this movement…and by the time there’s monetisation opportunities, we’ll talk more :wink:


Hi all!

I’m Alvar, CTO from Riftal. Development studio in Tallinn, Estonia. We have done multiple AR projects previously and now with this kind of tech looking forward to build something new.

Exciting times!


Indeed they are! :smiley:


Just an Old School Programmer / Coder, n Artist, from the US, with an interest in AR


Hello everyone,

I’m a 3D Rendering TD at TeamTO (Paris, France), I’m a VR enthusiast and I’m really looking forward to see what future we can build with AR !


Hello !

I’m a student from Sweden currently studying Systems Development and have recently got into game programming/design in Unity. I don’t have any prior experience with VR/AR and limited experience with 3D modeling but I’m very eager to learn and see what’s possible with Aryzon :slight_smile:


Hi guys!
This is Serge, I am software developer doing some Unity 3d in my spare time.
I plan to port PianoBoard which is an AR music app like Synthesia to Aryzon.


You know I’ve seen this come by before, and the idea really grabbed my attention!

I’d love to use this to learn to play piano or something similar in AR. I’ve got the feeling that it’ll be a great addition to the usefulness of the Aryzon (being able to go hands free is essential!). #thefutureishere :wink:


Matthew Hornbostel here. I’m really fascinated by the potential of this emerging technology for new types of immersive gaming experiences.

I posted asking what some of the lower-end mobile devices are that would still work well with Aryzon, it’d be nice if there were a full list of supported models but I know that’d be a fair amount of work to assemble.

As for Unity, I have some experience with Unity development primarily as an artist/3d modeler and level designer, not great at the code side but Playmaker is helpful as far as that goes. I wonder how hard ARKit is to work with for non programmers, and if it’d be wiser to stick with simple FBX loading first?

I do want to ask also, and this may be a dumb thing to ask, if with the Aryzon app, and the cloud export involved, it’s possible to have ‘private’ FBX models output for early testing purposes, or private applications, etc, so you can clean things up and make fixes before making the content you’re trying to develop available to EVERYONE on the cloud. Because in my experience with Unity the first output file rarely looks perfect, and often screws up horrendously in some unexpected way - and it’s maybe better to allow devs to get things right before they go public with something they’re making for Aryzon. I personally usually need to iterate and try things a ton of times before everything looks right, and works correctly, and it’s best not to clutter the Aryzon system with buggy and glitchy AR content that doesn’t run correctly!


Hi Matthew I just answered your question about what phones are supported here, it’s still a bit vague because there is no definite list of devices. It all depends on what you want to do with it: What phones are supported?

We support FBX loading at first but hope to expand this quickly to other file types. If you stick to FBX with embedded textures you should be OK. We are looking into editing / annotating, exporting and sharing your models from within our application but this will not be in the first version of the app. Any model loading you do will happen on your phone only. We are currently not working on any cloud functionality. Hope this clears things up a bit :slight_smile:


Hello I am an Unreal Engine 4 developer with big dreams of bringing gaming, art, and fashion to museums using what the AryzoneTeam has brought to the world! I would love to partner with the team in the future to push the affordability of AR in the future! Thanks for the chance!


Hi. I’m Lee. I’ve been a web developer for over 15 years now. Mostly been employed to create Line Of Business apps for companies. In the last 3 years started developing field apps for workers.

AR for me is the next logical step and one that I am investing intellectually and financially.

I have been looking at how to democratise the AR experience for web developers and have been lucky enough to recently work with Jerome Etienne and his great AR.js.

The recent announcement of ARCore has greatly advanced this work as it provides the beginnings of a standardised interface for AR via their platform SDKs.

Exciting times! Looking forward to working with Aryzon.