Introduce yourself


Hello everyone!

Just wanted to make a place for everyone to say hi! As you can see this forum is still pretty empty and there is plenty of room for all kinds of developers! We want to build a development community around Aryzon, we think this is the place to start. Have any ideas how to grow this community? Feel free to create a topic and pitch the idea! Same goes for other questions / input / feedback.

So who am I? I am Maarten Slaa, CEO and founder of Aryzon. I’m from a small town in the Netherlands and now live in Enschede where my University is located. My background is in mechanical engineering and industrial design engineering with a strong focus on programming. My current projects are overseeing the design and development of our showcase app, together with building the SDK. I’m excited to get our product into the world and help you guys develop awesome applications for it!


I’m Davy, CTO and cofounder of Mimesys. I’m from Hasselt, Belgium. We do holographic capture and real-time communication using depth sensors, usually in combination with AR or VR headsets.
Looking forward to running it on an affordable AR device!


Hey there!
I’m Darius, CEO of VRSPACE and we are based in Gouda, The Netherlands. We are an innovation lab doing bleeding edge projects around Virtual Reality technology. Basically we have a lot of fun thinking up concepts and actually building them. We have a great hardware engineer, Unity devs, a 360/3D video specialist and some creative minds. We think augmented/mixed reality is the next logical step and it will co-exist with VR. Looking forward to think up some nice use for the Aryzon.


Hi Guys,

This is Adriaan, I am the CTO of Warp Industries. We are revolutionising the way trainings are conducted using the latest MobileVR technology. As the CTO I am always looking for new developements in the immersive training environment.

What you are doing at Arizon sparks my interest because you are making Mixed Reality available for everyone with a mobile and might also create interesting training opportunities.

Looking forward to receiving your headset with a proper SDK so I can start experimenting with this! Good luck with that by the way!


Hello, I’m Johannes, founder and CTO of TAB Worldmedia (TABWORLD in short) from the Netherlands.

Working on various Augmented Reality projects since 2009, always looking for new concepts and better / rich experiences. I’m very curious what the Aryzon experience will be and looking forward to try the headset soon.


Hi all, I’m Glenn, senior front end engineer at AE, a consultancy company located in Heverlee, Belgium.

I’m interested in new techs and delivering compelling user experience to end users, on any device.
I would like to explore the VR/AR/MR world. I’m looking forward to try the headset and to develop nice apps for the platform


Hello my name is Albert

I do a little with VR see: Winding Path 3D

Now it is time for AR. And I think i Aryzon is a good step!


Hello! I’m Andrea.
My company Interiors3D is based in Italy. We mostly do 3D Virtual Tours that can be viewed also in VR devices and we also scan sculptures. We are running a project for AR for an important Museum and we hope Aryzon will boost our experience!


Hey guys,

My name is Alexander Ceha and i’m sure most of you have already seen my face at the end of the Kickstarter Video.

Just wanted to stop by and say hi. :slight_smile: I personally do a little 3D modelling and work on the Unity project together with Maarten Slaa (CEO and Lead Developer).

Also if any of you have been in contact via the Kickstarter or read through any of the updates, they were written by me. :wink:

Really awesome to see how many of you have joined the community, and I hope we can create some awesome stuff together using this spot as a hub for the community. (also nice too see so many businesses interested in using AR)

I’ll be opening up a new thread closer to our launch date where i would love if you could all mention the projects you are working on. If you want to be featured or let Aryzon users know what your working on you can post it there and we will feature it on the website and inside our Aryzon app. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to seeing Aryzon’s SDK develop, I will remember you all as being the first on-board.

Warm Regards,

Alexander Ceha @Aryzon



I’m Jose, a VR & AR developer at Altran. And I’m from Cadiz, Spain. In my case we develop solutions for manufacturing and industry relate with new technologies.

One colleague sent me the info about this project and I liked a lot. Waiting to have it to test, test and test! :smiley:


I’m Ramón from Málaga, Spain. I’m a developer interested in VR and AR. I loved your project at first sight and I would like to become part of this community.


Hi my name is Thomas and I am co-founder of DayCare Technology. We believe in a modern and inclusive society. We use VR, AR and interactive technology to promote quality of life and integration of senior citizens and people with disabilities.


My name is Steve, just a passing interest at the moment, I use Autocad in the building industry and looking for ways to improve how designs can be shown to non-technical people.
By the way, I’m an Englishman living and working in Antwerp (Belgium) and have had a strong interest in all things computer 3D for the last 36 years, I know it’s 36 because my first computer was a ZX81 and I used Anaglyph 3D around then


i’m dimitri from France, founder of PoleProduction editing and FX video society,
and cofounder of squaregolab a French FabLab in south of france.
I work for museum, touristic place and other.

We work whith Unity, C4d, Nuke, Fusion, after effect,and many more …

See you soon



I’m Dominik from Sweden, I believe in and love AR since 2013 after I’ve managed to use kinect for my thesis defence. I’m currently a software developer in mobile industry and I’d like to try Aryzon SDK.

Really glad to see Aryzon is moving forward and i can be part of it!


Hi :hand_splayed: I’m Richard, from the Netherlands (Utrecht Area). No Unity experience yet, but I’m working as a C#/.NET developer for about ten years now. I hope that - next to entertainment/games - AR can also improve our daily lives in other ways.

I wanted to support the Aryzon project as soon as I first read about it. Also, I don’t have the budget for a real HoloLens :wink: Looking forward to try Aryzon myself and also let my kids experience some of the possibilities.

Edit: Just found this video, "Super Mario Bros Recreated as Life Size Augmented Reality Game"


Hi all,

I’m Tom, from London. I’m a Security Engineer @ Amazon, with development experience in the past.
Never did anything AR/VR related before (or even any 3d related programming of any kind), so it’s kinda intimidating to see everyone here with AR/VR background. Be gentle with me if I’ll ask things that seem obvious from time to time. :slight_smile:
Super excited that cheap AR will become a thing soon.



Nice to see all these enthusiastic people! We can’t wait to get the headsets into your hands and see what you guys make with it. Please don’t hesitate to start new topics and get the discussion going, we value your input! I created a new topic where we can share ideas. I added some we are thinking about right now.


Hi there,

I am Bart, CoFounder of TinyGiants, we are a 3D communication studio working in fields of Architecture, new media and marketing, we love communicating our work to bigger audiences, and thus Aryzon is highly interesting for us! Im going to be testing some of the framework in regards to bigger scenes and high end 3D!


I’ve been testing out ARKit and things like this are becoming a reality with the Aryzon!