Input fails after Disabling/Enabling

Hi, i’m trying to buid a small application using the Aryzon AR kit.

I have two canvases that contain different elements and a button that disables the active canvas and enables the other one so i can switch between them. However, when i press that button, i can’t input anything on the other canvas, unless i exit Aryzon mode and re-enter it afterwards. This is true for both directions.

Any ideas how that might have happened?

Hi! It might have something to do with the Event Camera of the canvas not being the correct one for Aryzon Input. You can check if this value is the same for both canvasses when running the application in the Unity Editor. Select the current canvas in the Hierarchy (when running the application) and see in the Inspector panel whether the ‘Event Camera’ values are the same. Hope this helps!

Yes that was pretty much it. I was using a prefab that was created when an image was found and I had to register the AR Camera via script to the two canvases. Thanks for your reply!

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