Image Tracking without Vuforia


I and a few others have been developing an Android app that uses ARFoundation’s image tracking functionality, rather than Vuforia, to spawn a prefab onto a tracked image. Specifically, our project is based on Unity’s ImageTrackingWithMultiplePrefabs scene in the ARFoundation samples. Before installing the Aryzon SDK, we were able to get the tracking and spawning to work. Even after importing the SDK into the project, it still functioned properly until we put the phone into Aryzon mode. After the transition, the prefab shows on the screen once the image is recognized, but it appears far in the distance, moves in position with the phone (is not anchored to a real-world location as it would be if it were correctly spawned onto the tracked image), and randomly shifts its position. We did not alter the existing elements in our project after including the Aryzon SDK, but simply added the Aryzon and AryzonInputController prefabs as instructed in the GitHub page.

So my question is, what could be the cause of the dysfunctional image tracking, and how can we make it work? We were wondering if it could be the fact that the prefab is not spawning onto a plane, instead relying on the position and orientation of the tracked image to determine its placement. Could Aryzon’s plane tracking be interfering with the image tracking? There are tutorials on how to use Vuforia with Aryzon, but especially since we’re fairly new to AR, it would be good to know how image tracking with only ARFoundation could work. We greatly appreciate your help.


What happens when you do not have an image target in the scene and simply put a cube in world space? Is this properly tracked in Aryzon mode? This is to see if world space tracking is functioning properly in Aryzon mode.

Is everything back to normal when you go out of Aryzon mode?

Is it possible for you to make a video of what is happening?

BTW I actually recommend using ARFoundation over Vuforia. Vuforia just gave me too much headaches in the past for many reasons.

Edit: One more thing, Aryzon does not do the world space tracking, it runs next to ARFoundation and uses ARFoundation input to move the camera position. However ARFoundation is slow to update (move your hand in front of the camera and see the delay) we therefore use rotational tracking from the Google Cardboard SDK to set the rotation which is near real-time. When you hold the device steady it closes the gap in rotation between the Google Cardboard SDK and ARFoundation.


The image tracking is working now! I think the problem had to do with the differences in speed between ARFoundation and the Cardboard SDK, since when we held the phone horizontally, gave it time to recognize the image, started Aryzon mode, and waited a little longer for it to adjust, the prefab spawned correctly. In addition, after updating our device to Android 11, there is now significantly less delay. Thanks for your help!

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