Image Tracking with ARFoundation

Hi there, I’m doing a project for data exploration in AR and for this I want to use the Aryzon HMD.
I’m still not quite getting my head around on how to get image tracking to work with the Aryzon functionality. When doing the image tracking with ARFoundation alone, I have a live-camera feed showing me what I’m tracking.
When using the Aryzon SDK, all I’m seeing is a black screen for the stereoscopic view - this is correct behaviour, as I read in another post. But how on earth can my phone track an image that way? My phone’s camera is not even enabled (although I kind of thought it is default ARFoundation behavior)?
All your tutorials online unfortunately are kind of outdated it seems, everything looks slightly different for me in my Unity project and they only cover the suuuper basic stuff.

Any hints on how to make image tracking possible with the Aryzon headset? Is there a sample scene I can look into or something? I have no clue whatsoever.
Thanks in advance!

For anyone struggling with the same issue - found my mistake.
You need to enable “Initialize XR on Startup” in your Project Settings → XR Plugin Management. Otherwise the camera won’t start :slight_smile:

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