Help me in 3D modeling!

Hello everyone. I would like to advise on how best to create a mixed reality helmet for airsoft.

Photo 3d model:



It must be durable, but at the same time technologically simple to manufacture on a 3D printer.

I plan to use PETG and removable smartphone inserts and lens.

Initially, I thought to make of the type of night-vision goggles, but unfortunately, there are no drawings and dimensions (if you have one, could you provide?), at least in such a version to see what the ergonomics will be.

Photo of an example of ergonomics:

I also plan to mount a mini joystick to control the smartphone on the side of the helmet.

Photo minijoystick:

Hey that’s a cool project! With Mixed Reality do you mean AR Or camera feed based? Could you explain why you aren’t able to use the Aryzon 3D print version? All optical elements should be arranged the way they are in this headset.

With Mixed Reality you would need to add more hardware, fish eye lens (mono image) or stereoscopic camera (stereo image).

Mixed reality in this case is the ability to see a smartphone screen through a fresnel lens, without using a camera.

The smartphone should be completely closed, because plastic balls will fly into the helmet wearer, and during games, there will be the effect of shaking moisture and dirt.
Therefore, it is necessary that it was also strong enough.

Here’s an example of a game.