First tests on Sony Xperia Z5 need advices


I’m trying to make a small demo app.

My device is a sony Xperia Z5. I’ve tested the official app, and it worked OK I would say, the holograms looked quite unstable though when I was moving a bit, they didn’t seem strongly attached to the target. In addition they looked a bit offset to the right. Not sure if it’s like this on all devices.

My cardboard version is the rectangular corners lens (not rounded).

I was a bit disappointed. At this point I’m asking myself if my Xperia Z5 is supported and if it’s the best device for this, any info on this ?

Then I go to the “Get started with the ARYZON SDK” page. I open the Vuforia example scene in Unity. I activate and Configure Vuforia. I set my own custom image target, and I run it.

I setup a couple of 3D objects upon the ImageTarget in Unity, it look like this

I run it in Unity, it seems to work fine.

I build on device and test with the cardboard.

My target is correctly detected, the 3D objects appear. Great. Their size is a bit smaller than it should (maybe because of the size of my device which is a bit small compared to other devices ?). It’s not shocking.

But the 3D objects are quite offset on the right. I check my device positioning in the cardboard, it looks centered. I try to move it a bit on the left, it improves a bit, but still the 3D objects are slightly offset on the right.

I’ll try to show approximatively what I saw on each eyes when my device is perfectly centered in the cardboard.

Left eye sees approximately this

Right eye sees approximately this

In the end, the objects look really on the right.

So I’m a bit sceptical now.

Is there a way to improve this ? Should I try on other devices ? I can try on an iPhone 6, and/or a HTC One.

Is there a way to improve this in the configuration of my Unity project ? For example I see “X Shift”, “Y Shift”, “IPD” parameters in the inspector for ARCamera, should I change these ? Is this documented somewhere ?
Thx for your help and advices.


You should try playing around with those X Shift, Y Shift and IPD parameters. You can also change those values whilst running the app. Tap the aryzon icon in the bottom middle of the screen and go into advanced options. There you can change those values. I also noticed that changing the values in the editor doesn’t do much. If you ran the app once before, the values are stored in the PlayerPrefs and can only be changed in there from the app (as far as I know).

Hope this helps


Oh thx, didn’t even know this was possible (tapping on the Aryzon logo), will try this.

Edited, ok I tried it.
So far I managed to fix a bit the offset but I still can’t get the 4 cubes to exactly fit the corners of my target. It’s too unstable, it depends on how far you are from the target, the positioning of the device in the cardboard, that seems impossible to achieve.

Also, the objects (cubes) look a bit rotated on the right ( maybe about 5 or 10 deg), I can’t see a setting to fix this, is there one ?


So far my experience is the same. Depending on the distance and angle you are looking at the target, the object only looks correct on the target in a certain position. I don’t know about the rotation though, haven’t seen that for myself. The object rotates along with the target, so maybe look into that.


Yes you’re right, the distance and angle you’re looking the target from, make the hologram surf around the target. A stable looking hologram from all directions is probably something really hard to achieve with a simple carboard+lens+mirrors like this.

The rotation is maybe a problem with my cardboard I don’t know, didn’t manage to fix it.

Since then I tried on an iPhone 6, and it’s not better than with my Xperia Z5.