Distortion correction parameters?

In the thread/topic below, you confirm a native rendering option is possible. We’d just need the barrel distortion correction parameters, k1, k2, k3, etc (ala opencv) for the Aryzon lenses. Can you share those?

We’re working on transforming the SDK to use the Cardboard SDK from Google, now that it is open-sourced we can make it compatible with our headsets, providing native support. If you haven’t decided on the implementation I suggest you look at that and I will be able to get you started on that.

You can try k1: -0,1 & k2: -0,01 but the difference to no distortion correction is almost not noticeable so using no correction should work OK as well.

You can use this link to generate a profile and try out distortion correction parameters by scanning the qr code: https://wwgc.firebaseapp.com