Connect to Aryzon Wireless Controller

how to connect the Aryzon Headset to the Aryzon Controller?
Your tutorial says that you should go to the gear icon to set up it.
I actually don’ t see a gear icon anywhere in Aryzon mode.
Perhaps, you can make a video to explain how to setup the wireless controller.
Thank you in advance.


Good idea to make a video, we will do that in the near future. A couple of things might be happening when you don’t see the gear icon.

If you are a developer it might be that you are using an old version of the SDK.
If you are using an application it might be that this application does not support the controller.

We will soon launch a new application that will support the controller.

ok thank you. :slight_smile:
I use the newest SDK from Aryzon (Aryzon v2.2).
And I also could not set the controller in the Aryzon App from Google Playstore.

Have you checked out the sample scenes in the Examples folder? These examples should function correctly with the controller.

ok thanks. I found it now. I have to set my controller after I enter the Aryzon mode and then there is blue info screen and there is the gear icon.
It works to use a button but how can I register the joystick. When I register a button then there come also the info that I should put the joystick up and down, but Aryzon does not notice it.