Cannot Detect Target Image

Need some guidance on target image detection for Vuforia. I upload the white target image to Vuforia’s database. Put in the reg key. In Unity, I can successfully run the scene with Alt key. But once compiled to the phone, just black screen with the blue dot and Y button. To verify if it’s my phone, I created a different Vuforia project using its default camera, everything seems to be working (it tracks the Aryzon target image perfectly). I also tried the Aryzon app, everything works too. Really puzzled…


Did you set the imagetarget to detect that image? Also you’ll need to activate the database in the Vuforia configuration.

That’s exactly it! I don’t quite understand why Vuforia’s default is not to automatically activate after import. Kinda counter intuitive: the reason I import a database would be to use it… Thanks for help!

No problem! I agree it’s annoying, it still happens to me as well. I have hopes that they will change it in a coming update since it even changes back to their default settings when creating a new image target which just should not happen.