Calibration in the SDK

How to use calibration in the SDK?

Calibration is meant to line up the virtual content projection to the real world. A couple of things can be off:

  1. Your view can be shifted to the left/right, up/down because of slight differences in headsets and phones.
  2. The app tries to calculate the correct screen size of the phone (width when in landscape) sometimes it cannot do this correctly. If this is calculated incorrectly the FOV will be incorrect resulting in a smaller or larger projection.
  3. An individuals inter pupillary distance (IPD) can result in seeing double. You will mostly notice this at a larger distance.

You can adjust for this by calibrating in the Aryzon Application and using the generated code in your own app. We are however moving away from this option. We are implementing a new option inside the SDK available from the settings view in your own app. There will be no need to have the Aryzon app installed anymore to calibrate. The first step of this transition can be found under ā€˜Advanced calibration settingsā€™ where you can manually change the settings. In a future update this will be done from within AR so you can see directly what you are doing.

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Dear Maarteen,

Where is the ā€œAdvanced calibration settingsā€ in the SDK ?



You find it if you start Aryzon mode (Place your phone in the headset view) -> Tap the gear icon in the upper right corner -> Advanced Calibration Settings