Best way to find the best advanced settings for your phone

My 3rd day on Aryzon SDK. I realize that the advanced settings are really important to get the best results.

The avancded settings available from the pink “Y” button is really great.
OK for Left/Right Top/Bottom , I think we all get it
Screen width is a way to get your hologram bigger/smaller right ?
And Towards/Out seem to get you a bit closer/farther from the target ?

Now I spent a lot of time on those settings trying to get the best result. But it seems to me that if, for example, I set the Left/Right offset first to make it look OK and if after that I change the Screen width or Towards/Out, it ruins the Left/Right setting I made just before.

So is there a best way or order to tweak the settings ? Maybe first adjust the Screen width, after Towards/Out, and then Left/Right/Up/Down ?

I’m curious to know how people with more experience than me do it.