Basic setup of SDK


Major SDK update released! We will use version codes from now on so you’ll know when to update. See what’s changed here:



I installed the new SDK en loaded example in Unity, configured Vuforia. Build en deployed to my phone.
But I only see a blank horizon and not the menu or possibility to look at Aryzon logo.
What am I doing wrong?




Hi Twan, could you tell me what you mean with blank horizon? Do you have multiple camera’s in your scene? As I said in the other thread the SDK will be updated tomorrow and it will be significantly different from what it is now so I think it’s worth waiting a day and trying again then.



I just received my headset and am eager to try developing stuff for it. So I downloaded and imported the SDK, but got a compile error, even after I changed to Android and ticked Vuforia in the XR player settings:

Assets/Vuforia/Scripts/DefaultInitializationErrorHandler.cs(18,50): error CS0246: The type or namespace name `VuforiaMonoBehaviour’ could not be found. Are you missing an assembly reference?

Am I still missing something? i am using Unity 2017.3.1.


Type or namespace name `VuforiaMonoBehaviour’ could not be found

Hi Joost, I created a new thread for the issue: Type or namespace name `VuforiaMonoBehaviour’ could not be found



I am using Unity 2018.2.5f1 on windows 10, when i put Aryzon prefab in the hierarchy tab then appears on inspector tab following note: “The associate script can no be loaded. Please fix any compile errors and assign a valid script”. Can you tell me if it is neccessary a new SDK update.Than you for help.


Hi Albeiro, I’m not sure, I’m not on 2018.2.5f1 yet. Does your console give more information about the error?