Basic setup of SDK


It’s so weird. Im using MacOS and the latest Unity. I’m following the youtube video and unable to complete the steps at 1:55. When i click at Aryzon on the hierachy, i cant see AR Mode (Scrpt) at the inspector and if i’m able to do, i got the error of "The associated script cant be loaded, please fix any compile errors and assign a valid script

Please help, i’m a newbie in Unity/programming. I am just a 3d modeller who wishes his 3d to be viewed in Aryzon


This is caused by a reference to Vuforia in the ARMode script. If you open this script you’ll see a #define USE_VUFORIA. If you are not using Vuforia you should uncomment this line and the error should go away :slight_smile:


I do see you have the newest unity, but as mentioned by Maarten, you need Vuforia. You can see the download options for unity to download the Vuforia package. Not sure how well Vuforia works for Mac though :slight_smile:


Thanks Maarten. I guess i like to use Vuforia. Apparently when downloading the Unity, I didnt checked the Vuforia option. Now I can complete the tutorial. Thank you again… but now a new problem arises. I cant see the box when press play. Please forgive me for making these stupid mistakes. Below is the screen shot and the errors that came out in the console. A million thanks in advance for the help


Hi remcodk. You have solved my problem. Ya, i didnt download the vuforia package when downloading Unity. Silly beginners mistake. However, another problem arises. If you can help me, please refer to my comment at Maarten’s comment. Thanks again sir.


When using Vuforia, you need to register there. is the place to be. After you register, you can create a license key. This will give you a random string. In Unity, you need to open the vuforiaconfiguration (Assets/Resources) and in there you can paste the license key. After that you shouldn’t get that error anymore and, not sure if that always happens, your webcam will be turned on and start tracking. So you can try that with the given aryzon marker to see the cube.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Using Unity 2017.2.0f3 Personal on OS X High Sierra.

Using the demo Vuforia scene with the cube sitting on the Aryzon marker. This is using the current version of your .unitypackage file (downloaded last night).

When building to IOS 11.2 (beta) / iPhone 7, the cube appears to be on a different axis point to the physical Aryzon marker, ie through the headset it appears ‘below’ the marker and rotates on a different axis. I’ve not made any adjustments to the Vuforia or Aryzon settings. The iPhone is correctly inserted into the headset with the camera at the top left. Is there something I need to tweak to lock the target object to the marker? Thanks in advance.


When you are in AR mode, you can tap the small aryzon logo on the bottom of the screen, this will open a menu and go to advanced settings. In there you can tweak the parameters that determine the projected location of the cube. It takes some trial and error to get it right, but it works :slight_smile: To make sure it won’t happen again, write the set parameters somewhere in case it gets reset or you make a new application.


Thanks. Does seem a bit “hit and miss”! I notice in the official Aryzon app that the models (e.g. the elephant, the globe etc,) are perfectly locked to the marker with my iPhone 7, with no adjustments required by myself, out of the box. However when I look at the advanced settings in the official app, and copy those values to the test Unity build, the cube isn’t locked to the same position… Are there other parameters that need configuring?

My first impression was that the basic cube demo ought to show the cube locked perfectly to the marker out of the box too…


Where did you copy the parameters to? Did you input them on the phone in the advanced settings or did you set them in the unity editor or the script. Because if you want to change them in the script, you need to keep in mind that the changes you make on the phone are saved to PlayerPrefs, which are remembered. So changing the values in the editor and script don’t influence that. If you did change the parameters on your phone, I don’t know how it’s not working the same.

The only other ‘parameter’ that you can configure is the position of the cube on the marker in the unity editor. The position on there matters as well.


Could it be that the ARGyroCamera script is doing head tracking as well? It’s on the ARCamera object inside the Aryzon object. Disabling this makes sure Vuforia is the only one doing the tracking :slight_smile:

For the Aryzon app we use an online database to collect camera location data. We are now working on getting this information to all SDK users. For iPhone it’s quite simple since there are only a couple of models. We are putting this data in the next version of the SDK.




I’m getting errors when trying Aryzon in Unity 2017.3 0f3 (also couldn’t get it to work properly on 2017.2)

Downloaded the aryzon sdk.
freshly Installed unity 2017.3 0f3 with vuforia package
create new project,
switch to android project
turned on Player settings - XR Settings - Vuforia Augmented reality
paste my Vuforia API Licence key in vuforia settings.
import aryzon unitypackage.

Errors in console:

Assets/Vuforia/Scripts/DefaultSmartTerrainEventHandler.cs(22,5): error CS0246: The type or namespace name `ReconstructionBehaviour' could not be found. Are you missing an assembly reference?
Assets/Vuforia/Scripts/DefaultSmartTerrainEventHandler.cs(28,12): error CS0246: The type or namespace name `PropBehaviour' could not be found. Are you missing an assembly reference?
Assets/Vuforia/Scripts/DefaultSmartTerrainEventHandler.cs(29,12): error CS0246: The type or namespace name `SurfaceBehaviour' could not be found. Are you missing an assembly reference?
Assets/Vuforia/Scripts/DefaultSmartTerrainEventHandler.cs(61,31): error CS0246: The type or namespace name `Prop' could not be found. Are you missing an assembly reference?
Assets/Vuforia/Scripts/DefaultSmartTerrainEventHandler.cs(70,34): error CS0246: The type or namespace name `Surface' could not be found. Are you missing an assembly reference?

Can’t run anything because of these errors.

I can remove DefaultSmartTerrainEventHandler.cs from the project and OpenSourceInitializer.cs and then the aryzon examples work.

So that might need some looking into? :slight_smile:


Thanks for letting us know! I’m guessing you are using Vuforia 7 which was released a couple of days ago and changed a lot of stuff, a lot of exciting stuff though! We had a chat with them at AWE, they support ~90% of all smartphone devices in the market with their markerless tracking. Now we all have little HoloLenses in our pocket :sunglasses:


Also. using a webcam on PC to test the VuforiaTracking example. I see the webcam plane in editor and get the correct view (of camera + 3d objects) when I adjust my view to the camera’s view.
But in the Game I only see the webcam plane when I rotate the camera using mouse+ alt key. then the webcam view floats somewhere in front of me, and appears and dissappears as you rotate…

Is that how it’s supposed to work?

drat, forgot to hit reply… this was supposed to be posted right after my first post :stuck_out_tongue:


I see what you mean, that’s not really how it is supposed to work. I think the SimpleSmoothMouseLook script is on the wrong GameObject, try placing it on the Aryzon GameObject and look around does this help?

Normally for the Aryzon headset you don’t want the VideoBackground to be enabled in you Vuforia configuration. When you place the phone into the Aryzon headset the background should be black.

However if you want a video background because you want to switch between 3D AR and 2D AR (by just looking at the screen of the phone, not in the headset), you will have to turn the video background off when you go into Aryzon mode. You will have to do this manually by disabling the BackgroundPlane GameObject that is created at runtime by Vuforia as a child of the Aryzon GameObject.


The SDK has been updated, this version makes life a little easier! Check out the sample project, your starting point is the scene with name ‘Main’. You’ll find a Vuforia and ARKit sample scene.

Vuforia will start even if there is no VuforiaBehaviour component in the scene and you have Vuforia enabled in the player settings. Making it a bit annoying when using Vuforia in one scene and ARKit in another… That’s why there’s a dummy ARCamera in the ARKit scene, to have Vuforia not mess with the transform of the Aryzon->ARCamera game object.

If you are only using ARKit I recommend removing all assets linked to Vuforia and disabling Vuforia in the XR player settings.

Have fun!