Assembly based on Android

Hello everyone, I want to tell you about the assembly based on Android (all the main points related to the helmet printed on a 3D printer are here, there is also an example of adapters and a smartphone used).

This assembly uses an application written in 15 minutes that displays a black background and uses a portrait orientation.

And the Floating Apps application with which you can use several applications on one screen.
On old smartphones, it makes widgets of installed applications in a separate window, the same applies to sites, which in turn creates conditions for the integration of most applications that are used as an organizer.

Another big advantage is the ability to move windows and resize them.

And using a swipe will open the menu.

And this application also has its own list of free applications, of varying degrees of usefulness.

The control is carried out with a wireless mouse with the ability to change the connection from the radio to Bluetooth.
Now I’m looking at controllers that can be used as a mouse.

And it was not left without questions: how can you do so that the screen does not darken? What are the organizer applications that have their own widget and tasks in it are updated automatically?

I will be glad to any answer.

Utility download link.

Link to Floating Apps.

In general, after the tests, I prefer creating windows from websites, because most widgets open the program in full screen
I stopped at Yandex Calendar, the site updates itself when tasks are set on a PC. And you can also work from augmented reality by controlling the cursor.