Aryzon Controller and MRTK

Hello, I have a question about the Aryzon controller and the MRTK.

Does the controller also work without the ArYzon SDK?

I import the MRTK and then the controller and then the SDK and I get the following error message:

1:Assets\Aryzon\Scripts\AryzonPoseProvider.cs(677,37): error CS0177: The out parameter ‘resultPose’ must be assigned to before control leaves the current method

2.Assets\Aryzon\Scripts\AryzonPoseProvider.cs(677,37): error CS0161: ‘AryzonPoseProvider.GetNodePoseData(XRNode, out Pose)’: not all code paths return a value

If I delete the File: AryzonPoseProvider.cs, I can start everything but I don’t know if the controller in the MRTK is working properly.

If the controller is working properly, I can click an MRTK object. Is it also possible to zoom the object. If I understand correctly, I can only click on an object but not zoom. So Unity doesn’t see the position of the controller in space?


Hi Jo,

The input is separated from tracking so the controller should function without the AryzonPoseProvider.cs. Regarding the errors you received, did you set the correct build target? (Android or iOS)?

The controller is meant to work with a phone, however connecting it to a computer might work as well. You will have to listen for the correct key stroke. You can do this in the Aryzon settings when running the app. The controller has no positional or rotational tracking. It works with the reticle, you point the reticle by moving your head, then click with the controller. If you move around while holding down the button you move the object around. If you want to zoom the object you will have to add this functionality yourself.