Aryzon - ARFoundation

So I have built an ar app using ar foundation, now I tried to include Aryzon, what I noticed is that game objects follow the centre of the screen when in Aryzon mode

Hi! Sorry your question is not quite clear to me, what do you mean by follow the centre of the screen? Tracking of the camera stops in Aryzon mode? Do you get any errors?

Sorry about that, soo I don’t get any errors my issue is as follows:

What I meant was normally, if I have an object which normally starts in front of me I would normally turn my phone facing any other direction and that object obviously wouldn’t be in my field of view anymore. But currently with Aryzon mode turned on that game object currently seems to follow the centre of my screen. Like objects slowly drift in position of the initial state.

So I would like to understand if Aryzon mode could track the AR Camera within ar foundation. i attached a YouTube video to provide a clearer example of what I mean

the red object shouldn’t move with the camera