ARKit support for Aryzon in Unity


For all of you doing iOS development, check out ARKit! It’s really awesome :slight_smile: Please post any issues you have relating to the setup of ARKit in this topic. We made a short video to get you going:

Edit: updated link to match the newest tutorial for the latest SDK (2.1)



Hey, very cool but I experience a mismatch between the real world and virtual objects. When scanning a table with ARKit’s debugplane visible, it shows clearly how things don’t correspond. I’m not exactly sure what the problem is, could be a lot: misalignment of camera placement, wrong FOV of camera, too much “stereo effect” between the two virtual camera’s etc etc.
I know this is pretty difficult to solve, especially for all those different screen sizes, but still wonder if you have some tips or whether this is coming in future updates? @Maarten_AryzonTeam


One thing that might cause the issue is the ARGyroCamera script, did you turn this off? There might still be a little misalignment. And I noticed that if you change settings in ARKit from UnityARAlignmentGravityAndHeading to UnityARAlignmentGravity things might be in the wrong position as well.

The default settings are a bit off and we are fixing that which should not be too hard since most iPhones are the same.


Thank you for the guide. I just received my Aryzon and I’ll be converting my ARKit app in the coming weeks. Very exciting!



Updated link to our latest tutorial series