AR 3d Model Viewer App Questions


Hello there!

I recently downloaded the AR 3d Model Viewer App on my iphone to view and present some selfmade fbx-models in AR. My first attempts with fbx files containing animations and textures failed to load properly in the app. The geometry was there, so were the animations, only the embedded textures havn’t been displayed properly only as a red-blackish colorramp without any detail. The problem obviously was the texture size of the imported file (4k). After reducing to 2048x2048px they imported proberly.
But I have some other questions regarding the AR 3d Model Viewer App and I hope, that Maarten has some answers/suggestions.

  1. How large could the texturesize be? Is 2048x2048px the maximum? Are there any restrictions for texture file formats (jpeg/tga/tif)?

  2. How could I integrate an alpha channel within a texture? I tried several hours to export my model plus the embedded textures with alpha in various formats (as tga, png and tif;all 2k size), but none of them were shown. Is it possible after all?

  3. What kind of shader types could I import from Maya? I assume, that all shaders in the fbx-files are overwritten with a standard lambert or blinn-type shader.

  4. Is it possible to import my own lights with the fbx-file? I assume,that there is only one default light source in the app, which causes some parts of the model to be too dark (=black). If it is not possible to import my own lightsources, could I adjust the default light in your app? Is there a workaround for the 3d objects being lit brighter?

  5. When I use the Aryzon cardboard to view my 3d-model, there is a massive lag between my head movement and the movement of the object. Why is that? Do you plan to fix that in a future update?

That should be all for now. Thanks in advance for answering my questions!

Kind regards