Advanced settings


Is there a documentation about the advanced parameters : towards/…, left/…, up/… somewhere ?

idea: it would be nice to adjust these settings using a web/remote interface (websocket, osc…)

Hi! We’re transforming the way for users to set this up so it will be a lot easier or not even necessary anymore to adjust the view. May I ask why a remote interface would be helpful?

As I had difficulty getting my eyes ready to the display (I saw in duplicate the ‘viewfinder’), i was wondered if there was a parameter to correct that (like inter-pupillary distance for example … )
Perhaps it’s due to a kind of visual accommadation or focusing difficulties…

A remote interface could be useful in this case because you can adjust the parameter and see the feedback, leaving the phone in place. For example, you can open a web interface on other display/device and try some adjustment…

I see! There is a bug in the code causing some phones to have an incorrect field of view. This makes the two points be really far apart for your eyes and causes difficulty focussing. The next update coming this month should fix that.

So I’m impatient to have a look ;o) to the next release…
I hope Santa and its little helpers will help you this month!

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…oh, oh ohhh…ding…ding…
As we are heading towards Christmas, do you think, next week, I will be able to put on quite a show with the next update?

Any news on the next update?
My headset is starting to collect dust…

We had to push back the SDK update and we’re at CES this week so the update is coming in the week after. However you should be able to get a correct image with the current SDK by tweaking the IPD settings on the Advances Settings of the main menu (press the Aryzon logo) when you launch the App. Also make sure the Scene Units Per Meter on the ARCameraShifter reflect your units of the marker image as explained in the readme file located in your Aryzon assets folder.

Thanks for this information.
I’ll try again with the new sdk.
Have a good show!

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FYI the new SDK is online:


I’ve downloaded the last sdk and built the unity application.
When I open the ‘Advanced Settings’ pannel, I don’t see any IPD settings… Did I miss something ?


Basically Towards / Out is the IPD setting. However you would now use the ‘Calibration’ scene to get a good projection, this will automatically change the settings in the ‘Advanced Settings’ menu.