3d image very little on the bottom

Hi Aryzon fanatics,

I am really enthousiastic and developed my first app in Unity with Vuforia. I imported private 3d Object. App works great as a native deploy on Android. Now I want it to work with Aryzon cardbord, but I am not able to see the Image very small and is very difficult to point pointer on buttons, because its really on the bottom of the glasses.

I try to set camera down and size Image bigger, but nothing seems to work. Preview in Unity gamemode shows big picture centered on the screen.
Anyone any ideas? Same issue with standard Aryzon App with the Elephant.

Really loving and promoting your product!

greetings Twan

Hi Twan,

Could you give me some more information? Like what type of phone you have? The image should be the same size in the real world as you see it in Unity. Make sure you set the correct value for Scene units per meter in the ARCameraShifter on the ARCamera game object. For instance if you have a marker with a size of 30 cm, and have it at scale 30 in your scene this value should be 100 because you are working with cm’s. If you put it to scale 0.3 in your scene the ‘scene units per meter’ value should be 1.

Could you check something else? When you’re in AR mode, click the little logo and go to advanced settings. It should state the width of your screen. What value does it give there?

We love your enthusiasm :smiley: