Basic setup of SDK ( 2 3 ) [Aryzon SDK] (49)

Newest version: 2.1 New in version 2: Complete UI update Added link to Aryzon app where users can calibrate and choose their headset version Added ‘Scanning for marker’ Improved accuracy of overlay of physical and vir…

ARKit support for Aryzon in Unity [Tracking] (10)

For all of you doing iOS development, check out ARKit! It’s really awesome :slight_smile: Please post any issues you have relating to the setup of ARKit in this topic. We made a short video to get you going: …

ARCore support for Aryzon in Unity [Tracking] (7)

For AR Core integration follow these steps On Android Download AR services package and install on your android device (supported devices include: Nexus, Nexus 2 & Samsung S8)…

Youtube Tutorials [General] (4)

Our newest tutorial series is online! We are working on new tutorials updated for the newest SDK and will post them on our YouTube channel. Make sure you subscribe to stay up to date with whats going on, and also to sup…

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